II. World War Monument, bronze relief, Pécs – Rácváros (Hungary), in the backboard of the I. World War Monument (2013-2014)

Could infinity be this simple?, copper, 70x21x10 cm (2002)
Razor of Ockham I-II. (design of mobile sculpture), bronze, steel, 120x75x250mm (2002)

Commemorative medal, Freeman of Szebény, bronze, 100x104x8mm (2006)

Commemorative medal, Pro Libertate (Austria), bronze, 85x100x12mm (1996)

Gargoyle, Vác, bronze, copper, 550x280x250mm (1994)
Loth and his Daughters, bronze, 250x150x140mm, (1996)
Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness of Pécs, cast bronze, wood, 700x300x280 mm (1992)
‘Relics of the Future’ set I-VI., copper, feather, brass, 200x200x300mm

Fallen, bronze, wood and stone basis, 180x80x125mm
The Wilderness of Pécs, copper relief, 380x750mm (1991)
Paradise, copper relief, partially gilded, 70x100cm (1991)
News of Jesus, gilded brass relief, chiseled, embossed, eilat stones, 163x195mm (1991)
Saint John the Baptist Baptizes, gilded copper, chiseled, embossed, silk obsidian, lapis lazuli stone, malachit, 205x235mm
Tied Up, copper relief, 105x65cm