Easter Consecrating Well of Pécs Basilica. Completed in 2015. Sizes of the work of art: 95 cm x 52 cm x 52 cm. Materials: copper, brass, bronze, steel. The ornaments are figural and ornamental decorations; they are chiselled, embossed.


Mobile Decorative Collection Box of Pécs Basilica, steel, brass, copper, bronze, 65 x 65 x 104 cm. (2014)
Pécs Pius Church, Chandeliers of the Nave Central, 6 pc of 7 Branch Chandeliers and 3 pc of 5 Branch Chandelier, brass, copper, bronze (2013-2014)

Pécs Pius Church, 7 Branch Chandeliers, brass, 180 x 150 cm diameter (2014)

Missal Cover, Pécs Cathedral, silver, chiseled, enamel inlay, gilded, 400x300x80mm, (2001)


Processional Cross for the 1000 anniversary of the Cathedral, Pécs, silver, gold plated, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, olives, 1840x480x85mm (1997-1999)

Details of the Millennial Processional Cross – Detail of lamb symbol, inner relic case and the upper part

Millennial Processional Cross assembled (in the photo: with my daughter, Lilike) as well as taken to its three main parts.

Plan of the Processional Cross of Pécs Cathedral (1997)

Plan of the Crosier of the Diocesan of Pécs, (2002)
Processional Cross, Church of Máriabesnyő, gilded brass, gilded bronze, semi-precious stones, mahogany, 1750x370x70mm (1989).I am holding the assembled Processional Cross so as to suggest its size. Details from the front and from the back. 

Tabernacle, Chapel of Pécs-Patacs, gilded copper, genuine pearl, gilded bronze, wood, 225x50x50cm

Inner Gate Railing, Pius Church, Pécs, steel, bronze, brass, gilded, 430x240x80cm (2007). (Photo: Dr. Frigyes Kanduk & T.S.)

Plan of the Gate Railing, Pius Church, Pécs (2007)
 Details of the Gate Railing of Pius Church, Pécs. (Photo: Lajos Kalmár & T.S.)

Corpus Screen, Pécs, Pius Church, steel, bronze, brass, partially gilded, 225x110x67cm (2007)
Side-Altar Screen, Pécs, Pius Church, steel, bronze, brass, glass, 190x55cm (2007)
Baptismal Font Cover – Saint John the Baptist, bronze, copper (1993)Pécs, Church of Rácváros
The Last Supper, golden relief, Pécs, Rácváros Church, 95x8mm (1992)
45 Branch Chandelier, Pécs, Rácváros Church, steel, brass, bronze, partially gilded, 700x250x250cm (1992-2004)
36 Branch Chandelier, Pécs, Rácváros Church, brass, partially gilded, 220x170x170cm (2003)
16 Branch Chandelier, Chapel of Pécs-Patacs, copper, 250x170x170cm
8 Branch Chandelier, Pécs, Pius Church, brass, 300x140x140cm (2008)
Saint Rita, Pius Church, Pécs, oil painting, linen, partially gilded wooden frame, with silvered copper reliefs, 48x72cm (2007)
Stations of the Cross, Church of Vásárosdombó, oil painting, wood, 30x51cm (2007)

Covered Chalice, arched, Bishopric of Kaposvár, gilded silver, 80x80x270mm (2000)
Covered Chalice, geometric, Bishopric of Kaposvár, gilded silver (2001)
Bishop’s ring, Kaposvár, gold (2001)
Glowing Bodies, Donátus Chapel, Pécs, brass, glass, 500x175x95mm (2009)