Pendants from the Prehistoric Age:
“Pendant from the Prehistoric Age” – silver (925,999), turmalin, partially gilded
Geometric set:
Rectangular Enamelled Medal with Flowers, silver (925,999), enamel inlay
Red and Blue Rectangular Medal, silver (925,999), with enamel inlay, the inner part is gilded
Triangular Medal with Beige and Light Blue Enamel Inlay, silver (925,999)
Experimental jewels:
Snail Badge, silver (925,999), about 100x100x50mm
Snail Badges (jewels applicable to clothes), 3 pieces, silver (925, 999), about 120 x 20 x 40 mm
Snail on a Strawberry Leaf, badge, 2 pieces, applicable to clothes, silver (925, 999), with green jadeite stone, about 100x20x20mm and 4x4x90mm
Big Jadeite Badge, silver (925), jade, about 150x30x8mm
Big ‘Bird’ Badge, silver (925), with moss green jadeite stone, about 140 x 30 x 30 mm
Archer, badge, jewelry set composed of 7 pieces, the arrows are applicable to different parts of clothes, silver (925), about 110 x 40 x 30 mm (its main element)
Mittel Moda Italia 1994: Jewels on Models, jewels designed together with dresses (dress design: SZ. K.), the jewels are accessories of dresses, silver (925), electrotyping, with green jadeite stones
Great Postmodern Badge, alpacca, plexiglass, green jade, wire, about 250 x 70 x 30 mm
Big Postmodern ‘Snail’ Badge, alpacca, plexiglass, green jade, wire, about 280 x 180 x 50 mm
“My Cave Painting”:
“Hunt, joy, dancing” Bracelet Set (I.-VI.), silver (925,999), fused, cast, with black pearls

Stiff Pendant, from “Hunt, joy, dancing” set, silver (925,999), partially gilded, fused
“Slide” Ring with black pearl, and with flower on it, silver (925,999), partially gilded, fused
Model with the Big Postmodern ‘Snail’ Badge
Big Green Stone Badge on a Model, silver, jade
Model with Disc Pendant
Models: Éva Bajomi & Brigitta Horváth