Exhibition Opening, Pécsi Kisgaléria {Small Gallery, Pécs} (1993). The exhibition was opened by aesthete Ágnes Horváth. Three samba drummers made music at the opening ceremony. In the photo, you can see me with artist Sándor Pincehelyi and three models showing the jewels.
Pius Church, Pécs (2009). Inauguration of the Decorative Inner Gate

Exhibition Opening in Pécs (Cultural Capital of Europe, 2010)

Exhibition Opening in Martyn Ferenc Gallery in the House of Arts and Literature in Pécs on the 2nd of October in 2013. The exhibiton was opened by art historian Dr. Orsolya Kovács. Barnabás Prifer (guitar player of band ῞Halott Pénz”) was singing and playing the guitar at the opening ceremony.
Exhibition Opening in Pécs
Detail of the Exhibition opened in Martyn Ferenc Gallery in the House of Arts and Literature (Pécs)
Panoramic photo on the exhibition opened in the House of Arts and Literature (Photo by András Pesti).





  • The World War II Memorial has been finished, which can be found on the far side of the World War I Memorial situated next to Rácváros Church in Pécs (April 2014).


  • In Pius Church (Pécs) all the chandeliers, which I began to design and implement in 2004, have been completed. We drew the last three main pieces up to the highest arches in April 2014.


  • In May 2014, I restored two Collection Boxes of Pécs Basilica, which were made in 1901.


  • I COMPLETED THE PREPARATION OF the mobile Decorative Collection Box of Pécs Basilica. (I delivered it on the 18th of August in 2014). Its materials: steel frame, external cover, brass, copper, bronze. Its dimensions: 65 x 65 x 104 cm.


  • The restoration of the Tabernacle of Pécs-Gyárváros Church has been prepared. Materials: copper, brass, bronze, partially gilded, with glass mounting.


  • The mobile Easter Consecrating Well of Pécs Basilica has been completed; delivered on the 4th of June in 2015. It can currently be viewed free of charge, in chapel Heart of Christ. The sizes of the work of art: 95 cm x 52 cm x 52 cm. Materials: copper, brass, bronze, steel. The ornaments are figural and ornamental decorations, they are chiselled, embossed.


  • Currently, some of my works of art can be bought in David Gallery in 6 Falk Miksa street Budapest (near the building of Parliament).